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Porter and Chester Institute - BE ADVISED: READ THE CHAOS BELOW!
Porter and Chester Institute - I was an instructor and the students get ripped off .

I was an instructor for Porter Chester for two years at the Woburn campus and the head of the automotive dept got arrested 2 times for beating his wife. Other teachers would actually smoke marijuana before they taught classes.

One car caught on fire in the shop and when I refused to have my students work on it, I was disciplined. Very dangerous place. The students got little to no personal attention working on their projects because the instructors had 15 people to teach in the shop at the same time. Honesty is not their best policy.

They lie to their students telling them they will make crazy money when they get out because the students are upset they have to pay 30K a year for an 18 month program. I was an instructor that didn't lie. I was there for two years and they fired me after they made me sign a document about disciplinary action written by the dept head who abused his wife and told me I was doing good at the school for "keeping my mouth shut". I tried to the best of my ability to school these students who were hostile and upset because the corporation gave them limited resources and only one instructor in the shop.

Those of you who are reading this know who I am. To *** with PC inst., They are scammers and a class action lawsuit should be brought forth on behalf of the students and instructors who have been wronged.

Porter and Chester Institute - Review about Automotive Training

I'm in the porter and Chester Brandford automotive class it's a joke. He just reads a PowerPoint and only helps people he likes.

 Favoritism. I'm gonna finish the year but do not recommend. It's a joke go spend your money somewhere else do not recommend porter and Chester in Branford at least automotive class.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Certification

I am a former graduate of the Stratford, CT campus back in 2007.I took their 18 month program for the Residential and Commercial Electrical Certification.

In that span I must have seen at least a few different instructors come and go. Why do you ask? Because none of their instructors have any prior teaching experience, they are simply former tradesmen who obviously couldn't suffice in their field of study. They cannot effectively put together a lesson plan!

Boy do I wish I had my close to $23,000 back!!! A complete waste of my time! Unless you are currently working or have been working in your trade field for awhile and simply need the piece of paper to be licensed than this institute is not for you. Be sure your field of study is where you truly want to be before enrolling.

It's not like they set you up with any internship programs to guide you along, they're completely happy taking your money either way. After I graduated they set me up with a somewhat local company that completely failed to follow any sort of OSHA regulation. The licensed electrician on the job was a complete drunk who took off mid-day to other job sites, leaving all of us apprentices to fend for ourselves. Completely illegal!

Not to mention my completely green, entry level status only netted me $10 an hour and my Porter and Chester education counted for absolutely nothing!!! Not to mention the company required me to commute nearly an hour every morning to the job-site with my own transportation. Take out the cost of gas and I was making next to nothing! Obviously I only stuck around for a couple weeks before checking out.

I wasn't willing to injure myself for the simple benefit of the company. I learned later that Porter and Chester only set me up with this job because they were hiring one of their employees to work at the school. Beneficial to everyone but me! That $23,000 education wasn't worth $2,300 if you ask me.

My brief experience in the field left me with such a sour taste in my mouth over the industry in general that I had decided not to possibly return until just recently. I decided to place a phone call to Porter and Chester's ongoing job placement assistance board. I felt well heck, I spent the money, maybe they'll at least be able to help find me another job. What do you think their answer was?

"Oh, sorry, but the availability of jobs in the field has been pretty dry, we're advising students to get out there and network, good luck!" What the ***??? Get out there and network??? What the *** am I calling you for then!!! Please people, this whole experience was something that has continued to haunt me even years later.

I'm advising all parents and prospective students to steer clear of places like this. They're in the business of making money, not educating you!!!

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