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Porter and Chester Institute - ***AutoCAD Training SCAM ALERT ***
The worst tech school in the area. I attended for autocad training. What a joke.

You could learn more for the tutorials and help files included with the software. This is a funnel for govt. money. They want to get old people who are on workers comp. and drop outs to attend there school for the easy money they receive from the govt. in the form of grants. Then there financial aid(haha) dept. will drag there feet getting the rest of the financial aid and coerce you into there plan of last resort private financial aid @ 20% interest or no graduation. CRIMINAL!!!

There were old people in the class that had never turned on a computer or been exposed to drafting in any way. I thought I was in elementary school again having to endure basic PC instruction.

Guys in the class on Workers Comp. telling me they were sent there by the state for re training for free . They also stated that they had no intention of getting a job in the field. They will get a workers comp. check as long as they get the training and it gives them something to do.

Porter and Chester is NOT what it seems!!!

Though I know there are people out there who have had great outcomes with this college, I wish them all the best.However, I did not have a great outcome.

I graduated in 2011 in the CAD program. I thought I was doing the right thing putting myself through college with no job to better my life considering I've received the short end of the stick in high school, and 2 at home courses I took. During my 18 month program, I was taught architectural AutoCad. I went back 1 year after to get my resume revamped, which the career specialist gladly assisted me with.

HOWEVER at that time I have not found any positions. Why? Everybody is only hiring for Solidworks, Catia, and Sketchup, in mechanical environments and they only want people with experience. Now going back to my first week, I was told that upon graduation, if i needed to come back to use extra resources, I was more than welcome because the school is open to me for life after I graduate.

Well while I was there (Watertown location, where I attended) I asked if I can get a crash course on Solidworks because low and behold, the class is learning Solidworks now that I've graduated. What was I told? "You don't need a crash course. It's easy, free, and you can download it and do it from home." But the file is so huge, it will not fit on my computer.

"Well I can't just fit you randomly in my class." So NOW, I am stuck with a certificate I have not used, a student loan that I've only made 3 payments on because I am now working at BJ's stocking shelves since I was in school (3 years ago.) Total waste of money, time, mileage, and everything.

Beware, it's not what it seems on the commercials. Total actors and I'm sick of seeing the commercial because it's deceiving.

Porter and Chester Institute -  Financial Aid Problems

Went there for MA classes. When given the tour originally, they told me they would pay for the state exam at the end.
Found out they weren't going to a month before graduating, 5 of us even confronted the tour guide (financial aid rep, whatever). She said she never said that. Flat out lie. Now I come to find out years later that they took out student loans way above what was to be covered, between my Pell Grant which cover almost half, and the 3 years of payments made to them, they're now telling me I owe over 12 grand in student loans?!?!?!?!!?

WTF? thanks for screwing over a hard working single mother.

They should be ashamed and I am now looking into legal action. Don't ever step foot in their doors.

Porter and Chester Institute - School Introduction

When you first go check it out they greet you nicely. They promise to give you all the help. What a lie.

They don't help you find your resume find a job anything like that. The instructor focuses more on the customers bringing in their cars and money. Already complained and they got rid of one of the instructor because they said their budget is low at the moment. So we have one teacher who rushes through the power points and only helps out students he likes which is only like 2.

When you're in the shop you have to wait too long in between to borrow a tool because it's locked. He also takes his time and doesn't put in enthusiasm if you're not his favorite ***.

All he says go check all that I didn't pay for this so I can sit on computer looking up stuff all day. Worst school ever. Don't sign your life away.

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